Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging position. It's even harder when navigating a pandemic and global antiracism movement. We have to tap into our own resilience and power and help our children tap into theirs.

In October 2020, Dr. Stephanie Akoumany, Founder & CEO of Bloom and the Host of the Blooming is A Habit Podcast lead an interactive mindfulness and self-empowerment virtual workshop for 1st -3rd Graders called "Using Your Super Power to Create World Peace & Find Inner Peace"  on Zoom.

This activity helped students to:

  • Understand their superpowers (to influence others to promote peace and stand up for themselves in the face of racism, bias, or microaggressions).
  • Learn about racism, bias, microaggressions historically and contemporarily
  • Embrace self love, advocate for themselves, speak out against bullying, discrimination, and unfair treatment of African Americans and all other groups
  • Process and manage feelings of fear, anger, frustration, or sadness that they may feel when African Americans and other groups are not treated equally or equitably
  • Use self-care, meditation, visualization, role playing, games, and media to empower us and create a world where we feel safe to be ourselves, learn, play, and grow together

This event shared strategies to help young leaders:

  • Build healthy relationships built off of mutual respect and love for all groups. Our Dream Makers will learn to improve their  emotional intelligence, SEL (social emotional learning) skills, and use mindfulness practices and speak out against bullying, discrimination, racism, and the unfair treatment of African Americans and all other groups. (Social)
  • Learn about the great contributions that other African Americans have made to our national and global society by using their voices and skills to fight for social justice. (Cultural)
  • Effectively communicate and peacefully stand up against injustice in their online and in person school and residential communities and on social media with their parents.
  • Learn leadership skills to help them visualize, describe, and create a world where they feel safe to be themselves, learn, play, and grow together, despite current social injustices. (Leadership & Mindfulness)

Before the workshop mothers received an engaging and interactive survey to better understand their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and hopes for a better future. After the event they received resources to help them talk to their children about mindfulness, visualization, and antiracism.

If you would like to bring similar programming to your organization please contact Dr. Stephanie Akoumany at