Are You Giving Yourself Permission To Thrive While Quarantined? Want to figure out your next steps? Listen to S2:E4 of the Blooming is A Habit Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify with Dris Villaman @drisneidi a health and wellness advocate, coach, educator & Zumba instructor from Washington DC who currently lives in South Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡· .

Listen & learn how to bet on yourself, trust your intuition, align your passions with your career choices, take calculated risks, create boundaries for yourself, and cultivate a more physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit life while quarantined at home. We also discuss how South Korea handled Covid-19 and what we can do in the U.S. to connect more deeply with ourselves and loved ones even while practicing social distancing. Thanks to @zoom_video_communications Β for making this interview possible.

Drisneidi Villaman graduated from University of Maryland with a BS in Kinesiology with a strong passion on public health. She has worked in various organizations such as the FDA as a Wellness Assistant Coordinator, Federal Reserve Board as a Health Fitness Program Manager, Healthy Futures as a Health Advocate and as a fitness instructor and health coach. Her experience in fitness and corporate wellness has allowed her to learn about many of the components of health. Her passion for @zumba has also opened many doors worldwide to understand the crucial component that fitness and community plays on health. In the future, she aspires to obtain her Masters/PHD in Global Health. She is originally from Dominican Republic but has lived in the US since an early age and is currently residing in South Korea.