I had an amazing time sharing my research and speaking with future educators at Ashley Douglas' Urban Education Class at Towson University about ways to listen to black girls’ personal, academic, and career goal needs so that we can equip them with the skills of they need to thrive.

We discussed the importance of using systems thinking to understand what systems youth come into contact with and how they may help youth thrive or loose traction. I love providing spaces where we can have open and honest conversations about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, CHECK and move BEYOND our biases and reimagine resilience.  I was grateful to lead them in a self reflective and goal setting meditation. I asked them to consider why they wanted to be teachers and what impact did they want to have on the world.

I asked them to think about a dream that they thought was a moonshot and three steps they need to do to make it happen. I then had them take out their phones and write a reminder note in a place where they would remember and to work on it on Monday.  

Dreams without action will die in the graveyard! So I ask you what can you do today to accomplish your goals today so we can be bright examples for our youth? They are watching us!  

How can we create opportunities to learn from students and help them gain the skills they need? Thanks Ashley Douglas for inviting me to speak at you Urban Education Class! You’re students are great! You all are already changing the world!

Blooming is A Habit Podcast 

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