“We knew that we had to offer girls and women opportunities to create life changing conversations that will inspire others… these inter-generational conversations will help listeners use their voice, even when it shakes, to pursue their passions, live their purpose, look for mentors, and build their network that will help them bloom into their best selves, this is how we make impact in the world.”

Dr. Stephanie Akoumany, co-host of the Girls imPACT Web Series

December 15, 2020/ On Social Media and VoiceTop Left and Clockwise: Cristina Easton, Dr. Stephanie Akoumany, Dr. Sally Nuamah, Erika Cartledge, Kamora Mitchell (grade 7, BLSYW), Ashley Day, Deairra Nelson (grade 11, BLSYW)

In partnership with Dr. Stephanie Akoumany of BLOOM, imPACT introduces the Girls imPACT Web Series. The vision is to create an intergenerational space for women and girls to discuss the ways in which we make impact on our communities regardless of age or resume. We want all young girls to know that they don’t have to wait until they’ve “made it” to jump in and make change, and that even small change can be radical! Over the course of 6 weeks, we train youth moderators on how to build an intentional conversation; we give them a broad topic, for example Voice, and they develop the content, identify panelists, and run the show. We will host quarterly episodes on Voice, Community, Confidence, and Health and Wellness. Join us by visiting the Girls imPACT tab.

Founder, Cristina J. Easton is a daughter of Baltimore and product of girls’ and women’s schools

The mission of imPACT Educational Consulting is to steward projects in wholeness for girls from promise to impact, by working in collaboration with the organizations that serve them to identify measures and increase outcomes of connectedness, voice, and confidence.  We do this by designing programming and providing regular assessment of growth in those measures towards improving outcomes for girls, particularly in accordance with the CASEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  For partner schools and organizations, we seek to bring expertise in girls education while also alleviating the load associated with data-driven programming for a specific subgroup.  On a larger scale, imPACT seeks to fill the void of research and practice in education that is specific to urban girls and girls of color.  So much of the dominant discourse on girls education is produced by researchers based in predominantly white private institutions.  This does not serve urban girls, nor girls of color to the significant degree that they deserve.  imPACT is committed to always including measures of student wellness through the lens of intersectionality.  Most importantly, imPACT believes that our promise to every girl and institution is also a pact we enter with the surrounding community to make positive change.

Founder, Cristina J. Easton, has a wealth of experience and expertise in girls education.  As a Baltimore native and black daughter of immigrants, she attended a prestigious K-12 girls school from age 4 to graduation.  Those years, and her subsequent undergraduate work at a women’s college in New England were both formative in her understanding of what it takes to develop a sense of belonging and fortitude not just as a girl, but as a black girl.  Having served as a New York City Teaching Fellow in a co-ed school in the Bronx, and completing her masters degree in Educational Leadership at Bank Street College, Cristina has been committed to Urban Education for her entire career.  As a founding staff member at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn where she served as a Special Education Teacher and Assistant Principal, Cristina has experience in both short and long-term organizational planning and developing curriculum and programming tailored to urban girls and girls of color.   She has presented at national and international conferences on girls education on topics ranging from differentiation in mathematics instruction to building public and private school partnerships.   Having engaged in discussions with school leadership from public and private girls schools across Baltimore city, increasingly schools are wondering if they are doing enough for their students of color who experience the world in a unique way.  Schools are also wondering if they are doing enough to prepare all their students to be the change-makers their missions purport in an ever changing world.  Addressing these questions is not just a professional passion for Cristina, it’s personal and essential.  Thus, founding imPACT is her promise – a pact she is making with the city she loves – to impact as many girls as possible through measured and intentional programming, professional development, and partnerships.