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Picking a major in college or a career can be hard, especially when you have so many passions. It can be even more challenging when you come from an economically disadvantaged background or if you will be a first generation college student.

Your family may be pushing you to pursue something that is sure to “make  money” but you may not like that field.  Listen to hear  You have to pursue the major(s) and careers that will bring you joy and will solve social issues that you are passionate about that you see needs to be fixed. Believe in yourself, be relentless even when others think you’re crazy, and make a plan to get paid for it! You deserve it!

Adopt and abundance and growth mindset to get you through the days when it seems impossible. You will likely navigating college and or corporate life with a limited network of family, mentors, or friends who can show you strategies to thrive personally, academically, and professionally. Just know you can do it! You wouldn’t have the vision if it wasn’t possible!

Trust yourself, take action, and make Google your best friend! Google: How to pick the right major when I love social justice and engineering.... how to negotiate the salary that I deserve in (_______) field. .... etc. You are the key to your own success, get help along the way and follow your dreams! It’s time to Heal and Bloom!

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