By Dr. Stephanie Akoumany

How much time do you actively reflect on your life story and imagine your vision of the future?

I often advise my workshop participants to reflect on these 4 questions:

  1. Who they were
  2. Who they are.
  3. Who they want to be.
  4. How they want to feel as they bloom on their journeys.

As they reflect they usually realize that parts of the story they create about themselves includes some false information that have been clouded by limiting beliefs and a lack of empowering outlooks on their future.

Even students who have big dreams doubt if their seemingly moonshot idea can really come true. When we train ourselves to get still, close our eyes, and imagine what our lives would look like if we had no barriers, we can then set our intentions.

Then we can visualize how we can overcome the inevitable challenges that will come our way. This may seem counter-productive but we have to get clear on our vision first so the masterpiece that we envision can be actualized in the future.

Think about your favorite building or place to be. The architect of that building had a vision for how that building would be structured, what it would look like, how it would be used, and it's value to the community it was built in.

They could not let worry and self doubt get in the way of actualizing their dream. They had their vision on the line, but also a profitable contract. If they didn't follow through they would be able to serve their clients' needs or their own.

They had to set their intentions, take actions, reflect on their process, make changes, have faith in their methods, make adjustments again, and ultimately follow through. You have to have a vision, have faith, and execute that's what it means to be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your life! You have to run the show or someone else will run it for you! Don't let that happen.

Life is all about the arduous and fun process of visualization and manifestation. It takes hard work and training, mindfulness, and practice. You have to make your blooming process a habit.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says

“The best way to predict your future is to create it not from the known, but from the unknown. When you get uncomfortable in the place of the unknown – that's where the magic happens.”

We have to push our limits and run towards our goals, use our imaginations, and design a life centered on self-discovery, self-care, and mindfulness strategies to thrive.

Here are some tips to reach your goals!

  • Analyze the stories you create about your life
  • Destroy limiting beliefs about your abilities and the rooms you can enter and create
  • Write in a Daily Gratitude Journal
  • Meditate, Exercise, Hydrate, Eat Clean, Sleep
  • Make Genuine Human Connections
  • Embrace the notion that You Are Enough
  • Strive to build the lives of your dreams
  • Create a schedule that works for you (on Google Calendar and/or in a planner) and find and create school-work-life-balance
  • Say affirmations and listen to affirmations and motivational YouTube Videos to feel more empowered when confronting everyday stress and academic challenges
  • Openly discuss the challenges of microaggressions, experiences with racial tokenism, and implicit bias in schools or at work
  • Reflect on their past and present mindfully and visualize and design a roadmap outlining the future you want.