We would like to thank Krystal Henry, Founder & CEO of Around the Way Mom for featuring Dr. Stephanie Akoumany on her amazing life design blog that aims to help moms to remember the importance of Self-Care!

You can find an excerpt of Krystal's article below.  And learn more self care, motherhood, and personal development tips by reading the rest of the article here.

"Biggest lessons learned as a professional, woman, wife and mother?
When I asked about the biggest lessons she’s learned as a working woman, wife and mother, it was without hesitation that Stephanie said, “…I’ve learned to stand up for what I believe in.”

Doing her part to research ideas so that her own professional development is strengthened is important for her and it provides a foundation for her to confidently stand up for what she believes in. After 3 years and 85+ hours worth of research time, she knows something about the impact of research! As a woman she emphatically told me she that “you can do anything.” She agreed that working towards being truly fearless isn’t something that comes overnight.

She acknowledges that it takes time to grow into a woman who works through life without fear and that is why she likes the name Bloom because it indicates that growth takes time. Her advice: “Confront the fear, then map out a plan.”  As a wife, Stephanie has learned that it is important to connect with her husband through effective communication and to have fun- I can agree! As a mom, she has learned to “set standards, but let go of expectations that don’t serve you.” This idea speaks directly to what other people think and it says what you think, as your child’s mother, IS enough. "

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Krystal Henry, Founder & CEO of Around the Way Mom