When you are the minority in any educational, community, or professional space it can be challenging . This can be even more challenging when one’s beauty and intellect are judged. Thanks to St. Timothy’s School in Baltimore @sttims1 for inviting me to speak at their Shades of Beauty Panel Discussion with 9-12th grade girls.

I’m grateful that my mom always let me know that I was smart, strong, creative, and beautiful. This was my protective armor against bias and a lack of cultural awareness from my peers, educators, and colleagues. It’s an honor to lead these conversations with students, educators, administrators, founders , and business professionals now so that we can all be more culturally aware!

Thanks to St. Tim’s Health and Wellness Director, Madeline Moore, for helping 9th grade Health & Wellness Students and the Black Student Union host this power discussion and create amazing discussion questions around Representation, Self Expression, Black Hair & Style, Inequality and Unfair Laws and School and Work Policies that inhibit and punish Black Self Expression and Hair Styling,  Representation in Media.

How you can start conversations that promote change and community building! We are all beautiful ! Every shade! Let’s Ask Students How They Feel! Let's Bloom!