Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. I also define education as a lifelong journey where one realizes that they can learn anything with time, co-create their own reality, share their gifts, and unique story.

I often ask my diversity, equity, inclusion and wellness workshop participants two questions. Who Are You? and Who Do You Want to Be? People always pause and hesitate to share how they characterize themselves and their wildest dreams. They often don't want to employ humble confidence.  They should sing their own praises, but we’ve been told to dim our own light. They think their ideas are not good enough and don’t want to fail. We cannot grow without taking risks and failing at something. As a person who used to dim her light to help others shine brighter, I’m here to tell you...please stop that. We can all shine together. You are doing yourself a disservice and all of the individuals who could benefit from your special talents and gifts.

Education is all about self discovery! Students, Teachers, Parents, and School Administrators should collaborate to learn about each others’ needs and create short-term and long-term sustainable changes. We all have a calling we just need to map out the path we want to take. Teens have the great advantage of using resources at their schools to help them on their path. Answer the following questions in a journal or note taking app that you value. This the beginning of your blueprint for success. Chart out your own destiny.

Self-Discovery Journaling Activity

1. What Impact Do You Want to Have On The World?​ Why?

2. What Are You Grateful For?

3. Who Are You? In Your Own Opinion?

4. What Do You Need To Unlearn to Grow into The Person You Want to Be?