S1:E4 BIAH How to Cultivate Girls’ Curiosity & Confidence with STEM & Self-Care w/Tiffany N. Davis

Are you willing to ASK FOR WHAT YOU DESERVE? First tap into your creativity, identify for passions, work hard, find a mentor, network, fail, come back, reap your rewards, and SHINE? Listen in! Tiffany N. Davis is a rocket scientist and young dreamer from Washington, DC reaching for the stars and beyond.

Listen to the #BloomingIsAHabit Podcast (Link in Bio) as President @barackobama ’s Go-To Rocket Scientist Tiffany N. Davis @tiffany_n_davis shares how to tap into your creativity, identify your passions, work hard, find a mentor, network, fail, come back, reap your rewards, and SHINE!

Be sure to tune in, subscribe, and share BIAH #BloomingIsAHabit Podcast and listen to S1:E4 How to Cultivate Girls’ & Women’s Curiosity & Confidence with STEM & Self-Care w/Tiffany N. Davis! This #WashingtonDC native has inspired thousands of girls & women to Fearlessly Pursue STEM & their Dreams! She was honored by @blackgirlsrock on @bet and the @nba with other innovative minds like @virgingalactic @richardbranson !

Tiffany tells us how she navigates working at @boeing as an Aerospace Engineer who is also pursuing a Masters in Computer Science studying how AI and Machine Learning can help with space missions!

She also started the Astro Girls Space Camp Scholarship that helps girls understand real-world applications of STEM in the aerospace world at a week long summer camp! http://tiffanyndavis.com/astrogirls-space-camp-scholarship/! When we identify our passions, cultivate our skills, and take care of our mind, body, and spirit we can thrive and reach the stars!

Tiffany and I were both so lucky to speak with President @barackobama Tifffany in 2015 while at @georgiatech https://ae.gatech.edu/news/2019/02/tiffany-davis-bsae-16-still-inspiring-others-reach-stars and me in 2009 at the White House when I was Stephanie Stevenson at @univofmaryland https://www.c-span.org/video/?285476-1/president-obama-remarks-higher-education-policy , both advocating for college affordability and grants to help students from every background gain the tools they need to thrive no matter what field they enter!

Guest Bio:


• On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Tiffany graduated from the Boeing Corporate Engineering Leadership Rotation Program. After her graduation, Tiffany was promoted to a Level 2 Engineer.

• Tiffany is currently working in Washington D.C. as a spacecraft engineer in Boeing’s Mission Operations and Engineering group.

• Tiffany was nominated and selected as the 2018 Technology Rising Star for the Women of Color in STEM conference. Rising Stars are young women, approximately 1 to 22 years in the workforce, who are helping to shape technology for the future. Tiffany will accept the award at the conference in Detroit, October 12th.

Passion/General updates

• On May 18th, 2018, Tiffany was a panelist on the Second Annual Dream Talk Panelist. The purpose of the Dream Talk Panel to expose the youth to to the dreams of African American leaders in the DMV community.

• On August 17th, 2018, Tiffany was a guest speaker for the Girls Who Code summer immersion Program in Manhattan, New York. The mission of the Girls Who Code organization is to close the gender gap in technology.


• Tiffany will be matriculating into Georgia Tech’s Master in Computer Science program Fall 2018. Tiffany plans on focusing her studies on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications with the hope of using those for future space exploration missions. Please learn more about Tiffany’s work at http://tiffanyndavis.com/ . Join Dr. Akoumany and her guests on the Blooming is A Habit Podcast as they discuss their journeys and their impactful interventions in the areas of Health & Wellness, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Family, Relationships, Education, Science & Technology, Career & Business.

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