When you both agree to run the marathon of life together you can do anything! Push your significant other to think big, be limitless, and follow their dreams. Be each other’s accountability partner.

Marriage is fun when you both bring your best selves to the table and decide to go all in to manifest the lives of your dreams. Make mistakes, learn from them, grow, tap into your passions and purposes.

10 Ways That Emotionally Intelligent Partners Can Make Their Relationships Thrive

  1. They work hard to be aware of their own emotions and triggers and that of their partner. They practice through meditation, journaling, yoga, exercise, therapy, etc.
  2. They regularly acknowledge, assess, and share their feelings so their partner clearly understands how they feel without guessing.
  3. They practice mindfulness and ask their partner how they feel, truly listen to their answers, and respond accordingly.
  4. They hold space for their partner to regularly express themselves without judgment so they both feel free.
  5. They encourage each other to play, design the lives of their dreams, and practice self care individually, together, and with their children.
  6. They intentionally admit when they made a mistake, intentionally learn from mistakes, and intentionally grow together.
  7. They reflect on why they first fell in love and are intentional about learning about their partner's ever evolving interests and goals.
  8. They understand the importance of exploring their own passions and goals and relationship goals. They regularly share their dreams with their partners.
  9. They make time to workout and play, individually and together, and leverage skills to share responsibilities with each other.
  10. They share their love language(s) and make holistic wellness a priority.
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Dream. Plan. Execute. All change begins with someone that is brave enough to believe in their dreams, make a plan, reach out for support, and take massive action.

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