So grateful to be invited back to speak at a History of Baltimore class at Bryn Mawr on November 20th! I spoke about my own experiences attending Baltimore City Public Schools and BMS and my research on black middle school girls’ life experiences and resilience strategies while growing up in West Baltimore!

My dissertation "Reimagining Resilience: Exploring Black Early Adolescent Girls’ Experiences, Desires, and Needs While Growing Up In Baltimore City" highlights the need to help youth and adults heal from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) through mindfulness and play-based community building, socioemotional learning, emotional intelligence, restorative justice opportunities, facilitated intergroup dialogue, story exchange, art therapy, yoga, dance, and mindfulness meditation before, during, and after middle school.

The seniors from BMS, RPCS, and Gilman asked great questions and we engaged in great conversation! We discussed their dreams, the importance of creating open and caring discussions about cultural and economic diversity, and how to use scientifically proven holistic wellness strategies to reduce stress and live their best lives! I shared my vision for Bloom to help schools and businesses implement holistic wellness and community building programs that can help their students and employees thrive!