Amazing leaders learn what they love, take action, and cultivate needed skills to help bring their visions to life! Thanks to Peter Metsopoulos, Director of Leadership & Entrepreneurship at Roland Park Country School for inviting me to speak with his 10th grade class during their “Baltimore Women of Consequence” unit.

These amazing students asked me: What routines do you create to balance motherhood and business? How will you teach Zoe about privilege when she gets older? When did you know what major to choose? These conversations are so important!

So what else makes a good leader? Teens want to know and are watching us for ideas! I believe the secret is having a desire to embrace a growth and benefit mindset, and embracing a belief that one’s passions can drive innovation that serves the greater good. Give yourself permission to thrive!

It was an honor to share my journey and how Bloom is working with schools, businesses, and organizations to create a more mindful, equitable, caring, and healthy global community.