In May I lead St. Paul's School for Girls Students on a tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture ( in Washington, D.C. The Theme of the Trip was “Blooming Together for a More Perfect Union: Mindful Exploration of African American Contributions to Our Nation's Past, Present, and Future.” Much thanks to my fellow Bryn Mawr ‘06 Classmate Virginia Green for donating 8 amazing tickets Bloom! You have the girls such an invaluable experience! When announcing the trip to the SPSG I noted that it was ideal for students of all backgrounds who were passionate about: Creating a stronger and more inclusive SPSG community & world Learning about historical and contemporary African American contributions to the United States and the world Sharing their life experiences with the SPSG community 5 students were selected after submitting inspiring letters about the importance of the museum for the nation and the world! Much thanks to Ms. Aisha Mason (Director of Diversity and Inclusion) and Ms. Ferrens (Dean of Students) for making this trip possible and so much fun! Your students love you! So grateful to work with schools who are committed to building inclusive communities!