How did you feel while attending school? Educators have the power to help students of color have amazing experiences at independent, charter, and public schools. Including students in more decisions, hiring Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Directors and their staff, acknowledging missteps and creating proactive solutions will help students feel safer at school.

This Monday I was honored to be invited to lead 2  professional development workshops for 100 Heads of Schools, Nurses, Therapists, Counselors, Educators & Admissions Directors at ADVIS'  Safe at School: The Mental Health & Wellbeing of our Students at The Inn at Villanova University. My workshop was entitled “Making the Mental Health and Wellbeing of  Students of Color A Priority.”

We engaged in thought provoking conversations about the stress that their students of color may be facing due to experiences with racism, bias, micro-aggressions, ageism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and xenophobia.

I helped participants create anti-bias community action plans that use practical and heart-centered strategies to create inclusive school climates, curriculum, programming, partnerships, and systems that can support students of color and the entire campus community. These invigorating discussions and activities helped participants:

-Deeply Explore Their Own Notions of Identity and Culture

-Understand the Diverse Experiences and Needs of Students of Color

-Define, Recognize, and Combat Implicit Bias, Racial Tokenism, and Microaggressions -Foster Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Play, Movement, Community Conversations, and -Healing Strategies for HOSs, Faculty, Students, Parents, and Alumni

-Support Students of Color’s Personal, Academic, & Career Development -Identify & Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Fears Around Student of Color’s Needs.

Grateful for progress, change, and storytelling to change the hearts, minds, and actions of generations to come. We can bloom into the people and institutions to we want to cultivate. Thanks ADVIS!