Thanks to the National Coalition of Girls Schools and my alma mater The Bryn Mawr School for Girls  for inviting me to speak the NCGS Educating Girls Symposium’s Keynote Conversation last Friday with Dr. Sally Nuamah (Author of "How Girls Thrive" pictured above) and Sue Sadler (Bryn Mawr Head of School)  and Baltimore Leadership School For Young Women ‘s Upper School Principal Cristina Jacobs Easton!

Dr. Stephanie Akoumany & Sue Sadler (Bryn Mawr's Head of School) 

We shared best strategies to help girls go out into the world as confident, empowered, and ethical leaders with over 300 girls schools educators from the US, Canada, and London. What an honor!

Take a look at the powerful questions we discussed! How can you ask these questions and implement major changes in your family, school, or workplace? #TheFutureisFemale and we can help our girls thrive!

1. How can “feminist” schools help girls thrive?  

2. What “tools” do girls need as they move on to college and beyond?  

3. Whether it is due to feelings of “otherness” or inherited/lived trauma, how can schools and educators ensure that girls - particularly girls of color - do not internalize pain as strength?

4. How does a drive to be perfect manifest itself in different ways depending on girls’ lived experiences?  

5. How can we help girls internalize that they do not need to be all things to all people?  

6. How can we honor the resilience strategies girls have developed while at the same time equip them with new mindsets that allow them to move out of their comfort zones and take healthy risks?

7. How can we help girls create their own definitions of “success”?

8. What systems can we put into place to really know our girls are thriving, both emotionally and academically?

9. What can our schools do to ensure that girls have the same access and opportunity to thrive regardless of color, socioeconomic background, and a diverse range of lived experiences?

Cristina Jacobs Easton Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women High School Principal