Teen Girls need to know that they MATTER, they are LOVED, they are ENOUGH! If we all take bold leaps to show our passions and talents unapologetically we will shine! The best news is that we can all shine brighter together and inspire the world! Our diversity should bring us together!

Teen girls deserve to embrace self-love and carve out time for daily self-care and mindfulness rituals so that they feel grounded and able to handle any challenge that comes their way!

Grateful to have a great conversation and meditation session with about 90 amazing girls @brynmawrschool ‘s 9th Grade Wellness Day on Wednesday! What a great way to enter high school! Now they know #BloomingisAHabit so awesome hearing how they want to take steps to thrive and create lives they love! Let’s Go! Let’s Bloom! Thanks to my amazing @johnshopkinssph Masters of Public Health Practicum Intern Leah Froehle for this great footage!