S1:E3 BIAH Helping Girls Thrive & Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline with Rexanah Wyse, Esq.

Black and brown girls act out in schools and at home when they feel disrespected, misunderstood, & overwhelmed by daily stressors and adverse childhood experiences. Rexanah Wyse, Esq., Founder of @empowered_strategies LLC joins us tomorrow for Ep 3 to share how she helps educators to understand how shaming, stigmatizing, and unfairly expelling black & brown girls’ can increase girls’ entry into the juvenile justice system, thus stifling their chances of future academic, economic, and mental wellness.

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I asked Rexanah to come on because I felt that we both train teachers and administrators to ask girls empowering questions about who they are, who they want to be, what stresses them out, what helps them relieve daily stress, and what trauma (and adverse childhood experiences) they are coping with, and how teachers and parents can help can disrupt these girls entry into the school to prison pipeline.

Guest Bio

Rexanah Wyse, Esq. is the founder of Empowered Strategies, a juvenile justice education firm outside of the Nation’s capital. Rexanah is a former prosecutor dedicated to changing the narrative for youth to thrive. Rexanah’s professional experiences center on policy, advocacy and direct service geared toward multicultural populations.

Rexanah has been a featured speaker at Towson University, University of Maryland, University of Baltimore School of Law, the Montgomery County Women’s Bar Foundation Preparing for Success Conference, and much more. She has participated as a commentator on the Montgomery County Week in Review Program and Comcast Newsmaker segment.

As a former prosecutor, Rexanah has given a number of presentations on truancy, early-prevention programs, internet safety, and healthy teen dating to educators, students, and families.

Rexanah is a graduate from the University of Baltimore School of law earning her Juris Doctor degree with a certificate in Public Service. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland-College Park earning her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice and minor in Human in Development.

She is a licensed member of the Maryland State Bar. Currently, Rexanah serves as a Pathways to Education Subcommittee Chair for the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services State Advisory Board, Board of Directors for CARECEN DC, and is involved in the New Leaders Council-Speaker’s Bureau.

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