Do you know your  worth? You are your ancestor's wildest dreams! You have the power to change the world every second of everyday. You have power and you have influence. Harness that power & wield it as you may. Do you see the value you provide to the world? What would it mean to stop asking others for permission to follow your dreams? To live your life unapologetically as a responsible, empathetic, and resilient human being?

Beyonce reminds us that we can reach our goals and change the world when we bet on ourselves, invest in ourselves, and put in the work. I wanted to share 8 powerful messages that she shared in her Dear Class of 2020 Speech that can help get you started on your personal development, social justice, and wellness journey.

Read, Share, Bey Inspired, & Bloom.

  1. Negativity Will Stop You From Investing In Your Future

"You're making an investment in your own future. When you spend your valuable time. Thinking, speaking, typing negative thoughts ... you're investing in something that will give you absolutely no return on your investment."

2. Your Thoughts Matter. Focus on What You Want

"Every thought in your mind is powerful, every word you speak is powerful, every action you take has consequences for yourself and your community. Look what you’ve been able to do in the last 14 days! We’ve seen the power of the collective. When we join for the same cause."

3. Disagree with Peers Thoughtfully & Respectfully. Be Teachable.

"Never forget that we can have disagreements that are productive, to arrive at real change. And if you make a mistake that’s okay too, but we all have the responsibility to hold ourselves accountable and change."

4. You Are Collectively Responsible to Create The Change You Want To See

"Whatever the world looks like in 10 years in 20 years ... your are a part of that ... is up to you. I urge you to let this current moment push you to improve yourself in all areas of your life, at work at home, activism, spirituality, wherever you can find hope, follow it. Remember you are never alone. Lean on that strength of togetherness, keep the collective strong, stay focused."

5. Become The Hero You Were Looking For. Be Solutions Oriented & Take Action.

"Don’t talk about what you’re going to do, don’t just dream about what you’re going to do, don’t criticize someone else for what they’re not doing, you be it, be about it, be about that action, and go do it. "

6. Set Your Intentions, Follow Through, & Grow.

"Keep your eye on your intention. Don’t let any outside distractions or insecurities stop you from your goals. Embrace that struggle. Surviving that struggle will strengthen you."

7. You Just Changed History. Remember Leaders are Built, Not Born. This is Your Training Ground.

"This is a crucial time in our history and your life....You can be that leader that you all need. Invest in yourself and see the value in building your community the best way you can."

8. Celebrating Yourself  & The Diversity of Others Will Change the World

"I pray that you will continue to celebrate and value lives that appear different than your own. I know that you are about to start one of the most important journeys of your life. You are at the brink of a huge world shift. Look how far you’ve come and how much you contributed. Keep pushing, forget the fear, forget the doubt, keep investing, and keep betting on yourself. And congratulations. “  

-Beyonce Knowles-Carter

As we always say at Bloom. You are a warrior! You are the super hero that you were looking for to save the day. Let your curiosity drive you to explore the questions about the world that light you up! We need you. We need your genius! We need the solutions that you can offer to solve complex social issues. Check out  The Blooming is A Habit Podcast and this article on Overcoming Imposter's Syndrome on our Blog

Keep Blooming!