Being An Ally Doesn’t Mean Having All The Answers. It just requires a commitment to antiracism, empathy, and cultivating a growth mindset that helps them research and understand how policies and politics can affect their own and others’ everyday experiences and access to resources.

Marjorie and I attended the @brynmawrschool for 7 years, but didn’t become friends until 10 years after our graduation. We connected on IG when we realized that we were both educators that loved fitness, wellness, and social justice. Over the years Marjorie has consistently shown her commitment to antiracism by speaking up about inequality, and showing up for students in the classroom.

In this episode we discuss:
-How books can open windows to learn about other cultures
-Owning your voice through writing
-Critical thinking & media literacy
-Embracing a growth mindset after trauma
-Preparing students for success
-The power of code switching
-How educators and allies can support African American students and colleagues
-Making antiracism a lifestyle
-Addressing and combating microaggressions in and out of the classroom
-Acknowledging privilege & inequality during the pandemic
-How empathy and compassion can help us heal
-Habits and mindsets to support personal and professional growth
-Being an ally after the protests stop

The real change starts at home for each one of us. Do what you much as you can...and know that your voice matters so much! Take your time, but keep putting in the work. It’s everyone’s duty to make the world a better place. Go to to get more tips to engage in online and in-person conversations about social justice and the equitable treatment of Black people in America and abroad and all people.

Marjorie Walsh (BMS ’06) is a National Board Certified Teacher. She recently finished her tenth year, teaching high school English for Baltimore County Public Schools and most recently St. Mary’s County Public Schools. She taught ESL Across the Curriculum as an adjunct professor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and helped establish a dual enrollment English course with the College of Southern Maryland. She currently serves as a school mentor for new teachers, county curriculum writer, and College Board reader for the AP English Literature & Composition exam.

*Any opinions expressed reflect her personal point of view and do not represent any of these institutions. . Connect with Marjorie at:

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