Nurses help us heal physically and emotionally during times of distress.  They are currently on the frontlines helping so many as the nation battles COVID-19. Blooming is A Habit S2 E2 is now Live! Please Listen, enjoy, subscribe, & share! Before the outbreak, I interviewed Rhonda Smith Wright, RN, MSN, MHSA a clinical nursing instructor at Johns Hopkins & University of Maryland’s School of Nursing, a @brynmawrschool for girls alumna and trustee, and former @thegbali co-director to learn: - how she teaches future nurses to understand the unique needs of diverse and underserved populations in Baltimore and the nation.

-What personal and professional development, wellness, and community building opportunities could help physicians, nurses, and administrators thrive

-What does the future of nursing look like and what skills will public health students need to succeed and contribute new and bold ideas and practices to create a more mindful, well, and inclusive national and global community

-What technical, life, and or social emotional learning skills will youth and adults need to thrive in the next 25 years. -

-How technological advances, robots, and AI will impact the heath care industry.

So much thanks to @rdswright and health care workers around the world!