Before the COVID-19 outbreak began to affect our everyday lives in the US, I interviewed Founder Anna Fitzgibbon for S2. E1. of the Blooming is a A Habit Podcast.

We discussed how to Use Creativity to Design A Life, Career, & Business of our dreams.  I hope this episode helps you to define what balance means to you, redefine new normals, and create lives and careers that are fulfilling to inspire and create a new world order. Right now many of us are totally out of our comfort zones, but that’s where all growth happens. Now we are forced to bloom where we are planted in very uncertain times. Let’s Bloom!

Anna Fitzgibbon is a @johnshopkinsu DC @ted X JHU DC Speaker and @jhu_carey_business_school MBA graduate who builds and implements programs in schools and businesses that “inspire teams to fulfill their potential, improve the world, build a life of impact and grow a better tomorrow.

She is committed to shift the way we approach our educational and professional systems in the U.S., so that people can “rethink the linear paths we are all told will (one day) lead to success.” She notes that “there are countless different ways to craft a life, chart a career path and approach our community or business' most pressing needs.” You can also follow Anna & at:


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