I’m so excited to have Elyse Preston @be.more.connected on BIAH S2 E3 to discuss the power of yoga, meditation, healing from emotional, social, and physical trauma, life design,

DEI and ending racism, and community building in Baltimore and other urban hubs around the world. Link in bio and available on @applepodcasts and #Spotify.

Elyse is a wellness advisor, and community leader whose work focuses on centering connection as an essential ingredient for healing and social transformation. Elyse believes that when we intentionally invest in creating healthy relationships with ourselves and others, we are shifting the energetic conditions in our communities and the wider world. Elyse is particularly passionate about supporting changemakers and visionaries, who experience stress and burnout while in service to others.

Elyse is passionate about creating more opportunities for yoga, deep relationships, spiritual practice, creative expression and self-care. She's grateful for the  opportunity to share the practices she loves, and is inspired by any occasion to deeply connect with others.

Be More Connected Summit: Launching April 28th - May 12th. Soul-Centered Wellbeing for Leaders and Changemakers. The vision for this event is to bring together healers, scholars, artists and activists to celebrate transformational work in our culture and to provide

participants with concrete tools to promote health and wellbeing in their own lives

To learn more visit, bemoreconnectedsummit.com