BIAH S1:E7 How to Find Your Voice and Define What Success Means For You with Joseph Green

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is work.“ Don’t let fear of hard work get in the way of you sharing your talent and story with the world.

In this episode Joseph Green, the Founder of LMS Voice and a motivational speaker, educator, and poet shares taking actions that will help you accomplish your goals and help you overcome the fear of starting a new career, business, relationship, or skill that you need to thrive and feel a sense of purpose.

The success is in the doing, the learning, and the failing. There’s really no such thing as failure if you’re learning from your mistakes, implementing new strategies, and reflecting on what’s working and what’s not. We discuss how students, educators, business owners, and business professionals can find their voice and define success on their own terms.

We also discuss how we can use mindfulness and storytelling to make deeper connections at school and work so that students and employees emotional and physical health is supported.

When schools and businesses make wellness a priority youth and adults have more opportunities to be creative, productive, and thrive. This episode is available on all platforms. Please listen, subscribe, and share!

Guest Bio

Joseph Green is a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, professional storyteller and award-winning poet, and a person in long-term recovery.
With a background in theatre and performance poetry, Joseph seamlessly intertwines storytelling and spoken word poetry to inspire his audience to join him on a journey which uplifts the core principles of self-care, self-awareness, self- forgiveness, and paying your blessings forward to make a world a better place for everyone. He believes in the innate ability of story to connect people to their higher purpose and one another.

Over the past 15 years, he has created and facilitated thousands of workshops with youth, educators, health care professionals, nonprofit organizations centering social justice, and many others.  His workshops range from implementing effective youth development strategies to Creative Mindfulness; the ability to use our creative power to sustain a practice of heightened or complete state awareness in both personal and professional spaces.

In recent years, Joseph has focused on youth prevention and the eradication of stigma around the conversations of substance use disorder and recovery. In his prevention work with high school-aged youth, Joseph facilitates interactive workshops to create original transformational poems and short stories on the effects that substance abuse and addiction has had on their lives. As part of his effort to empower young people to speak truth to power, Joseph has provided opportunities for them to share their stories with policymakers at the White House for the US Office of National Drug Control Policy and the US Department of Education. In his role as Program Manager at the Mentor Foundation USA, Joseph led the effort to revamp the interactive drug prevention youth rally known as “Shattering the Myths.” As part of this initiative, he also served as host for the three-day program that included a full day of writing workshops and leadership training.

Joseph’s life story and work have been featured in media outlets such as Youth Today, UpWorthy, PBS NewsHour, and many more.  He has recently keynoted or presented at the 2017 American Society of Addiction Medicine, Talks @ Google, University of Baltimore, 2016 and 2018 California Statewide Conference on Substance Use Disorder, 2017 Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference, and Wisconsin Voices for Recovery Rally for Recovery.

Joseph’s speeches and workshops are for those in or seeking recovery, those working in recovery or prevention spaces, and anybody seeking a reconnection to purpose, motivation, or community.    His work reminds us that more important than knowing what we are fighting against is knowing and never forgetting what we are fighting for.

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