‌How we treat each other matters. When people don't feel included, respected, and understood, they don't feel well. Recent events exhibiting police brutality and excessive force around the nation have shown us that we have to be the change we want to see.

Anti-racist and anti-bias education helps our entire society and the world evolve. Schools and families are an integral part of our collective evolution. It's important to remember that racism and bias occur on the individual and structural level and do not only occur through physical violence.  

Racism, Classism, Ageism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, etc are viruses that we have the immediate power to eliminate. It starts with each one of us. Tips and resources are below and abound.

Being an Ally Doesn’t Mean Having All of the Answers. Here's what it can mean:

-Being willing to be open, empathetic, and have uncomfortable conversations about social justice.

-Calling out injustice when you see it. Even when it's your family, co-workers, and friends.

-Using one's privilege to help someone in need.

-Mentoring someone with limited access to education, resources, or professional networks.

-Changing Policies That Are Unjust

-Asking questions, listening, and educating yourself to be your best version.

-Using Mindfulness on A Daily Basis to Support Anti-Racist & Anti-Bias Lifestyles

Here are some tips to engage in online and in-person conversations about social justice and the equitable treatment of Black people in America and abroad and all people.

  • Hold yourself and others accountable without judgement
  • Participate authentically in conversations as a lifelong learner
  • Respectfully ask questions for clarification
  • Operate with an open heart, mind, and spirit
  • Embrace conflict without the need to control it or others
  • Cultivate honest and respectful discussions based on mutual respect
  • Be mindful of personal body language when communicating concerns
  • Listen to others
  • Share your story
  • Make an action plan for future steps you can take

Here are some anti-racist and anti-bias resources for adults and children:







If you’re reading this you should already consider yourself an ally. You're doing the work. Write down what you want next and reach out to friends and family to make a plan to become the best ally you can be. Anti-racism is a human rights issue not a black issue. Civil Rights are Human Rights. Do not loose faith that we are the heroes we have been looking for.

I would suggest that schools and businesses also take the lead and put Pre K-12, College, and Workplace Wellness, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion programs in place. This can help us see each other’s humanity form an early age.  Kindness Has To Be Our New Norm.

‌If you’re interested in bringing online Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Self-Discovery, Self Care, and Mindfulness workshops to your school, nonprofit, or business feel free to reach out at Stephanie.akoumany@justbloom.io .

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