Talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion can be challenging as we are always told to avoid the issue as to not offend. We have to break the silence and heal together! It can lead us on an emotional rollercoaster, but at Bloom we always guide students and adults through the fear, confusion, guilt, apathy, anger, frustration to feeling calm, clear, empathetic, elated, and excited to unify, and take action.

We can all build even stronger school and business communities by acknowledging how we can make  everyone feel heard, acknowledged, and respected!

Thanks to Nazareth Academy High School in Philadelphia for inviting me to guide your community through challenging conversations and create stronger bonds afterwards! Thanks for blooming with me!

If you know of a school or business interested in our DEI trainings, retreats, and workshops, feel free to DM me or contact me at

Let’s Practice Anti-bias In and Beyond the Classroom Everyone just wants to feel heard, acknowledged, and respected.