Like working out fighting racism and injustice is hard. It forces you to move past intense discomfort until you build stronger body and mindset.

At the beginning of each year we all say that we will commit to working out. We hang in there for the first two weeks and then find that it's extremely hard to balance working out in addition to everyday tasks, our careers, families, relationships, and personal development.

Watch my recent video The Anti-Racism & Wellness Workout Meditation & Motivational Speech on Youtube for more.

Without the right motivation, environment, stimuli, tools, fuel, and support working out can feel lonely, exhausting and painful. Sometimes you feel like you can't breathe.

This is how many black people and people of color feel when they are treated differently and or unfairly. Sometimes they are not given access to the same resources, opportunities, education, and treatment. Even when access is given, we must consider what are the experiences of POC in predominately white schools and businesses? Even when people are not being physically harmed, racism and bias can be emotionally scarring and can affect one's sense of self worth, belonging, and self-esteem. We must all put in the work, and uplift each other, as we stand together.

Understanding Equality, Equity, & Justice Work That Supports Anti Racism & Wellness

Once we commit to equity work we'll know what freedom means and feels like for everyone. We are the heroes we have been searching for.  If you believe in justice. You are the hero you’ve been searching for! Stand up! Use your voice and talents. Peacefully and strategically. So many black people are tired and rightfully so.  

Allies we need you, POC we need you, it’s time to walk in faith and be strategic, & relentless about personal and community based anti racist and wellness work. Like keeping up a health regimen, or working out, it’s important to take rest days. If you stop for too long you won’t see results.

If we don’t commit to our health and the health of the nation the same problems will rear their ugly heads.

What will you do after the protests stop? Will bias and structural racism become an afterthought? Or will you make anti-racist and wellness practices a lifestyle. It’s the only way to be free.

We all have to keep making self-love and loving others a priority. If not hate and fear will eat us alive. Anger and frustration are valuable because they can light your fire for change, but you must master that fire and show others how to do so.

Let’s teach ourselves & children to believe that we are our ancestors’ wildest dreams. We are the heroes we have been searching for. Watch the second video for my full meditation session with @royal_athletes during their amazing Saturday morning Zoom Workouts! Grateful for the chance to connect with others! We’re all in this together! Let’s Bloom!

I respect the concept of solidarity and a blackout day but I truly believe that we’ve been silenced enough. I believe that we have to use our voices to speak truth to power and be free. Shifting my energy to heal and get results. Let’s Bloom into our best versions.

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