Learn. Heal. Play. Connect. Evolve.

  • How we treat each other matters. When people don't feel included, respected, and understood, they don't feel well.
  • Bloom honors the idea that harmonious, happy, healthy, and empowered people can change the world!

Bloom's media & online self discovery, diversity, equity, & inclusion, leadership, and wellness workshops help youth, adults, parents, educators, administrators, thought leaders, creatives, and business owners make personal and community health and wellness a priority.

Bloom uses the latest insights from public health, psychology, neuroscience, and tech to create engaging media, online learning platforms, curriculum, workshops, and online and in person conferences that help humans bloom into their best selves.

We help our clients plant seeds of mindfulness, play, productivity, resilience, empathy, and inclusivity in their everyday lives and create roadmaps for holistic success!  


Dr. Stephanie Akoumany is the Founder and CEO of Bloom, a leadership, wellness, and community-building media and education company. She is an optimal performance consultant and the host of the Blooming is A Habit podcast. Stephanie is a speaker, researcher, educator, mom, marathoner, and yogi in training, who helps schools and businesses to cultivate cultures that embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, resilience, and holistic wellness.

Stephanie is currently enrolled in Flow Yoga Center's 200 YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) Certificate Program and is excited to offer online yoga and self-discovery classes in February 2021.


At Bloom we are guided by two questions.

  1. What can it mean to be human?

2. How can we build habits, teams, and systems so that we all can live happy and fulfilled lives?

We look to our past, analyze our present, and take massive actions to create a future that serves and respects us all! As we actualize our dreams together, we evolve together, and push humanity forward. -Dr. Stephanie Akoumany

The Blooming is A Habit Podcast

The Blooming is a Habit Podcast series highlights innovative solutions to complex social challenges discovered by students, parents, educators, business professionals, business owners, and health & wellness leaders as they pursue their passions and create careers and/or businesses of their dreams. Her guests share their journeys and their impactful interventions in the areas of Health & Wellness, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Family, Relationships, Sex Education, Education, Science & Technology, Career & Business.

Extended Bio

Dr. Akoumany has over 10 years of experience helping over 1000+ students, 120 educators, and 100 parents gain life, leadership, mindfulness, the nature of consciousness, movement, play, wellness, diversity, equity, inclusion, and conflict resolution skills in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Akoumany created the 2019 Bloom Wellness Summit which was sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health in Baltimore, MD to help middle school girls and their teachers brainstorm and learn how to make wellness a priority at their schools. https://www.jhsph.edu/research/centers-and-institutes/center-for-adolescent-health/blog/bloom-wellness-summit.

She presented at the ADVIS (Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools) Professional Development Conference on “Making Students of Color’s Mental Health and Wellbeing A Priority” in December 2019. She served as a keynote speaker at the National Coalition for Girls Schools Educating Girls Symposium At Bryn Mawr and an Urban Education Class at Towson University n November 2019 on how to help girls thrive in school, college, and beyond. She also presented at the 2018 NAIS POCC Conference on Self Care & Mindfulness Strategies for Faculty of Color.

Dr. Akoumany earned her Ph.D. in American Studies at University of Maryland College Park in May 2018 and is a proud Baltimore City Public Schools, Samuel Ready Scholars, B.E.S.T., and Bryn Mawr School alumna. She loves exploring connections between human development, psychology, public health, public policy, girls & youth empowerment, adverse childhood experiences, relational aggression, social emotional learning skills, emotional intelligence, implicit bias, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and sexual education.

Dissertation Research: Black Adolescent Girls & Resilience

Dr. Akoumany's dissertation "Reimagining Resilience: Exploring Black Early Adolescent Girls' Experiences, Desires, and Needs While Growing Up In Baltimore City" highlights how black early adolescent girls utilize resilience strategies, particularly, self-assertion, storytelling, creativity, play, and community building to cope with daily stressors.

Her doctoral work aimed to use research and mentoring to inform social change and cultivate a more comprehensive understanding of girls of color’s complex identities.

She served as the lead researcher and facilitator of a three year longitudinal ethnographic and participant action research study, conducted from 2010-2013, at a Baltimore City public school. Eighty-five, hour-long, weekly and biweekly workshops were conducted with 55 black middle school girls between the ages of 11-14 years old, who were in three different grade-based cohorts, until their respective eighth grade graduations. Dr. Sheri Parks directed her dissertation at the University of Maryland College Park.

Introducing President Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama & Dr. Stephanie Akoumany (Formerly Stephanie Stevenson)

In 2009, Stephanie interned at the U.S. House of Representatives and introduced President Barack Obama at a televised White House press conference advocating for increased Pell Grants for college students from low to middle socio-economic statuses. https://www.c-span.org/video/?285476-1/president-obama-remarks-higher-education-policy